Hitman Mold Removal

You call. We kill.

You call. We kill.

About Us

Hitman Mold Removal was created by professionals who saw a flaw in the fundamental processes of contractors in today’s market.  We approach each prospective client with emphasis on the business fundamentals of honesty, punctuality, and an educational mindset.

Thorough Clean Up – We treat any mold-damaged property as if it were our own. Hitman’s remediation experts use the latest technology to identify both mold and the moisture source that feeds it allowing us to implement a successful treatment plan.

Industry Certified Technicians – Hitman’s lead technicians are thoroughly trained by the IICRC and hold the status of a registered technician with the Indiana State Chemist.

Our Process

Our mold inspection, removal and clean up service includes:



identify the specific source of moisture/mold



develop a course of action to eliminate the problem


performing timely mold remediation, removal, and repair as needed


provide maintenance tips for a healthy indoor air quality

The more you know

Mold 101

The root cause of all mold is moisture. Step 1 is to evaluate and solve the moisture issue, then treat the areas affected by microbial growth.

Some level of mold is present in almost every air environment, but it becomes especially problematic when left active and concentrated for extended periods of time.

Not all chemicals used to treat mold are harsh in nature, Hitman even utilizes some botanical compounds that are totally non-toxic!

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